CG Curves


We are the most emerging animation and visuals effects studio in India

We are the most emerging Animation and Visual Effects studio in India. We are specialized in high quality animation and VFX services for Feature films, TV Series, Commercials, Architectural visualization, Medical animation, Virtual Animation and Presentations with the highest creative and producing standards. Our production expertise, commitment and great attention to detail in every project make us the right choice for national and international clients. We align ourselves with your ideas and strategies to guarantee the best results for each brief. We strongly believe that it is important to support the art of animation with sound technological base. Hence, we keep pushing our boundaries both creatively and technically, producing visually striking animated and VFX contents.



Our creative and experienced team has extensive knowledge from character and set modeling to animated realistic output.


We put our creativity and technical expertise to bring your dreams as visual effects in your best stories.


Our extensive experience in asset creation and animation will help to build your game to its full potential.



Our creative team consists of the enthusiastic artists with zest and zeal for this medium of entertainment. Our team is highly experienced and talented hard working artists participated in many international projects on live and animated feature films, animated series, commercials and many more for the reputed clients like Walt Disney, Method Films, Nickelodeon, Moon Scoop, etc., in our previous environments. Our love for animation and visual effects, our dedication and success and our passion to create a highest standards of quality in whatever we do in this digital art, brought us together to cater the best in animation. Our years of experience in this field enable us to build a solid and respectable animation company.



CG Curves

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